Thursday, November 13, 2014

An Open Letter to my Worst Enemy

Dear Alzheimer's,

I hate you.  With all by being I hate you.  Everyone you touch withers and dies.  And the rot spreads to everyone around it.

And worse, you have no mercy.  You have no compassion.  You make bad days worse and the worst days unbearable.  You grab hold and won't let go.  You drag us through the mud and spit in our faces.

I hate you with a passion unlike any other.  You've robbed me of my Mother and have taken away my Father and replaced him with a 4 year old child.  Your wake of destruction is long and wide and I hate it.  It ripples beyond my understanding.  The simple things are hard.  The pleasurable things are forgotten.

Alzheimer's, you ruin lives, mine included.  You're stealthy, determined and patient and for those things I have you more.

Worse, the only face you show are the people we love.  How can we show our hatred to that face?  You put on their skin and parade around like someone we're supposed to love.  You're deceitful and cruel.

Society doesn't see you do they?  They see the faces of their Mothers and Fathers, Aunts and Uncles.  What's so bad about those faces?  We love those faces, we love those people.  But you're in there, aren't you?  Hiding behind their eyes, worming your fingers through their brains.

You're hard to fight Alzheimer's.  You take everyone you touch and we're ignorant of that.  As we see are the faces we love becoming more childlike and forgetful.. It's almost sweet.  "Awwwe," we say.  "Look at the sweet old person with the far off look in their eyes."  You can't fool me Alzheimer's.  I KNOW you're in there.

Alzheimer's, you've made an enemy.  I will tell everyone I meet about you.  I will make them understand how you hide ad deceive.  I will ask our government to put money behind killing you.  I will make you come out from behind those loving eyes and face the world for the inhumane thing that you are.

It's the least I could do in return for all you've taken from me. 

Sign me, I hate Alzheimer's

#dearalz, #ihatealz

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