Friday, June 14, 2013


Oh where, oh where can she be?
Not many places in the past year or so.  

As I’ve written, life took a dramatic turn in 2012 when I became the sole caregiver for my parents who both suffer with severe-moderate Alzheimer’s.  During the past 18 months I’ve turned my world upside down to ensure they are safe and happy in my home and I think I’ve done a pretty OK job of it.  With the assistance of Judy, our part-time home healthcare worker, we’ve settled into a fairly decent routine that is working for all of us. 

However, I’ve really been missing this blog and the chance to share with you fun things to do, good things to eat and drink, and in general be a bit sociable (even if it is on the internet). 

So, I’m stating this today for the world to hear – it’s time to carve out more “me” time and put some life back into the Old Biddy.  Heaven knows this caregiving role will one day be over, and getting on with life will be the next big thing.

Hmmm.  How about (drumroll please)…Roller Derby!

Yes, ladies and gents, you heard me.  Roller Derby.  As anyone following me on Facebook knows, I was re-introduced to Roller Derby last year by my friend Harriet.  Harriet is a new Buckeye transplant and was looking for things to do in the area when she ran across our local Rubber City RollerGirls.

Flat track should be safer, but none the less fun to watch!
For those of us old enough to remember the 1970’s and the weekly roller derby matches on TV - it’s not like that anymore.  The concept is the same, but the days of sloped rinks and railings to keep the girls from flying out of the arena are gone under the label of too dangerous. And rightly so.  But I can say that today’s safer roller derby is no less fun to watch than it was back then.  The track is flat (in fact they roll at the John S. Knight Center downtown) and there is no railing.  However, what we miss with the gals falling over the railings back in the day, they more than make up for if the roll off the track and tumble into the crowd.

Can you tell they mean BUSINESS!
The ladies are an interesting bunch and they all seem to really enjoy their sport.  It’s serious work and they put everything they have into the game claiming they’re “A DIVERSE GROUP OF WOMEN BUILT FOR HARD HITS AND SPEED!”  No kidding!  You can literally watch the bruises turn purple on arms and legs as the evening progresses.

They do it for sport and they do it for charity.  Make a Wish Foundation, Ronald McDonald House and annual skate parties for local underprivileged kids are a few of the reasons these ladies roll.  It’s serious rough and tumble for warm and fuzzy reasons. 

After attending for two seasons now, I still find fascinating to watch and find myself cheering just as loudly as anyone for ‘our’ girls.  I’ve introduced the sport to several friends and so far they’ve all found it as much fun as I do.

The Rollergirls season is over, but there is a second league in the county that rolls at the Fairgrounds and their season started this month.  The NEO Rollergirls look just as awesome and if you’re looking for something to do before the winter, I’d recommend attending one of their bouts.

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