Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Still Stuck at Home...

And really missing being out and about.  The only place I've been out to eat recently (aside from the quick stop at the local Taco Bell for a taco between errands last weekend) was to one of my very favorite places....The Ido Bar and Cafe on South Main Street.

I love the Ido and have been eating here since I was a teenager.  Mom used to eat here when she worked at Firestone in the early 70's when they served something called the Mushroom Steak Sandwich.  It was a local favorite and extremely popular. 

During the 1980's the Ido had a change of ownership and a friend of my Dad's (Bill Brown) ran it for many years.  Somehow they managed to take the Mushroom Steak off the menu, but these days there are plenty of other tempting offerings to choose from, including their weekday lunch specials. 

When I got my current job working in downtown Akron, one of the first places I introduced my co-workers to was the Ido and it's now a staple on our weekly lunch rounds.  Wednesday is a popular time to go as it is half-price burger day.  Burgers have been on the menu since 1943 and the Ido serves up a terrific version at any price, but half-off is an exceptional value.  They've attempted to duplicate the old Mushroom Steak with their "Ido Burger" covered with mushrooms and grilled onions and while it's very good (if you like mushrooms), I hear it's still not the same.  My personal favorite is the Kev Bo burger with bacon and cheese....YUM!  And if you're going for the calories, order the onion rings, they are some of the best in town.

If burgers aren't your thing, try one of their rotating lunch specials.  I have the link to the specials page on my web browser and check it daily if there's any chance we'll be going that direction for lunch.  The specials are a cup of soup and a sandwich and for $7.50 they are a pretty filling meal.  My best picks include any day they are serving up their wedding soup or their tortilla soup or their chicken and rice soup or anything paired with their over the top Parmesan Crusted Grilled Cheese sandwich (one of the BEST grilled cheese sandwiches ever made).  If you want to try something filling and hearty, ask for a bowl of their stuffed pepper soup, it's always on the menu. 

Salads more your style?  Try out the Katie's Cobb, it's very good.  Looking for a little homestyle comfort food, swiss steak and meatloaf dinners are always on the menu.  And if it's Friday, get the fish fry. 

Last Friday I tucked into the All You Can Eat Fish Fry and their Long Island Ice Tea drink special (made the real way, not with a mix) and it was the best Friday dinner I'd had in several weeks. 

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