Thursday, February 10, 2011


Last night for our monthly Ladies Night Out, we ventured over to Munroe Falls to have dinner at the recently re-opened Triple Crown at 335 S Main St. (Rt 91).  I have a vague recollection of eating inside this restaurant back in the 80's.  The food at the time was not memorable and it closed several years ago allowing the building to sit dormant until this past year. 

At the suggestion of fellow ladies night participant, Delores, we decided to give this newly reopened restaurant a try.   The staff is friendly and our evening started out on the right hoof with Josie serving us in the equestrian-themed bar.  They do not have an extensive wine list, but they do have some good top shelf liquor selections and Josie (our barkeep) introduced us to their Kentucky Bourbon Ale which is served in snifters rather than a typical beer glass.  The narrow opening concentrates the aromas and the short stem offered a little touch of elegance to the tasting. The Ale itself ages in barrels used to distill bourbon which gives this ale a slightly smokey, somewhat fruity quality.  Yum.

After our little tasting and good natured conversation in the bar, we were shown to our table which was situated directly in front of the oversized stone fireplace. Our reputation may proceed us as we were seated in the room all alone while the rest of the diners were in another area far far away.  I really wonder what's up with that????........

In any case, Nick, our server, was extremely attentive and all around the table our food was delicious.  From the Bacon and Shrimp Flatbread appetizers to the Broccoli Alfredo, Beef Stroganoff or Sea Scallop entrees to the Lemon Drop Cheesecake and Italian Almond Cake for dessert, the food was very good and serving sizes were plentiful. 

The building itself is intended to resemble something akin to a horse stable and carries a race theme throughout it's decor, including the brass horse head decorations along the bar and mammoth-sized wreaths of roses over the fireplace.  A close inspection of the building will show it's age and hopefully the ownership will continue to spruce the place up a bit (including, hint hint, the ladies rooms.)

Triple Crown will definitely be on my list of places to revisit.  Even a quick stop to have one of those tasty Bourbon Ales!  They're liable to turn me into a beer drinker after all!

Since I'm speaking of eating out....I thought I'd take a few minutes here to chat about lunch.  Probably because I do tend to fall into a routine at lunch and we hit the same places week after week after week, lunch isn't anything "special" to write home about.  I lamented in my last entry about the service at some downtown places so today I thought I'd take this spot to start to talk about some of the BEST places for lunch.  And I'm going to start straight at the top by mentioning Luigi's again.

The place itself is hard to describe.  Tucked away on a tiny little section of North Main Street that was severed from the rest of downtown years ago, Luigis shares the street with Northside Bar (a local jazz hangout most nights), a couple of odd shops and the ever empty Northside Loft Condo's.  But once you've spotted the giant pizza pie on the building, you know you're in the right place.

The interior decoration is best described as eclectic.  The walls are covered with murals of (what we can assume) are Italian hillsides and the wall in the bar is plastered front to back with signed photographs of celebrities ranging from the was-known to the who's-that all topped with years and years worth of trophies for bowling teams and softball teams sponsored by the eaterie. 

Lunch at Luigi's is an experience.  Day after day, week after week, month after month and so on, Luigi's continues to be the "in" spot for downtown lunch.  Dickie greets you at the door and on any given day instructs you to 'stand aside' in line while people filter in and out of this bustling place.  If you're lucky you might get seated in Alice or Sue's section where service comes with a slight attitude (all good if you don't mind a little good natured fun.)  Salads come piled high with cheese and pizza can come by the slice or the whole pie.  IF you're lucky enough to arrive during Wedding Soup week - ORDER IT!  It's the best in town. 

Even if you stand in line for a table, the entire lunch experience seldom takes an hour.  They do NOT accept reservations and they DO NOT accept credit cards.  It's all a part of the charm of this place.  If you don't come here often, you should. 

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