Tuesday, February 22, 2011


A little shameless self-promotion this week as I have launched a new blog page dedicated to Simple Meals for One.  As my friends know, I'm a huge fan of cooking at home and I've been working for over a year trying out recipes and ideas to share on how to best manage the process of cooking for myself. 

I have a lot of single friends, some that like to cook, others that do not.  Some are nibblers - nibbling away at bits and pieces of foods as their meals.  Some are great salad eaters.  Some simply eat fast food.  Others, like me, would like to cook, but have found it difficult.  Portion control is hard, buying ingredients in small quantities in nearly impossible and looking at a great recipe that is portioned for 6 people is dizzying when you try to scale it down. 

So I'm taking some of the lessons I've learned and recipes I've reworked and am putting them on the new blog.  From really simple, practically no cooking to using my slow cooker for all-day long cooked flavors, we can all turn out meals that we can be happy to sit down to and not HAVE to share with anyone else. 

So check it out and comment back.  It's always fun to know I've caught someones attention. 

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