Friday, November 12, 2010


This week there was another egg recall from one of those mega-farms in southern Ohio. What I found most interesting about the story published on a back page of the Beacon was the fact that while the quarter of a million eggs in the recall were produced in the State of Ohio – none of them were to be sold here.

“According to Cal-Maine Foods (the nation's biggest egg seller and distributor,) the Ohio Fresh eggs were distributed in Arkansas, California, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.”

Once again – please tell me why anyone would buy eggs that originate hundreds of miles from their homes when you have the opportunity to find a local source from which to buy “really” fresh eggs?

For some reason I feel that my eggs shouldn’t be more well travelled than I am. Where does it make sense that eggs produced in Ohio should travel to California to be eaten and eggs produces in Texas should travel to Ohio? I’m appreciative of the fact that our food distribution system is a wonderful thing to allow us the ability to have pretty much what we want when we want it, but come on, sometimes this just makes no sense.

If you live in the Summit County Ohio area, here are a couple of options for getting fresh eggs from local farms: Brunty Farms; local farm markets, Kreiger's market.  If you know of other sources, feel free to comment and let us know.


Wednesday evening my company participated in the grand opening of our newest facility to come on-line. We gathered at the new Summa Health Center at Lake Medina which will open for business in the next week or two. We are proud to be the owners of this property; it’s a dazzling facility that offers comprehensive outpatient services, a physician medical office building and an ambulatory surgery center.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the project! It’s been a long haul but finally coming to a fantastic conclusion. Read a little more here 


Wednesday night also was our monthly Ladies Night Out and this month we revisited college days by having drinks at the Water Street Tavern in Kent. Wednesday night is Blues night and Mitch Reed entertained on the blues guitar. This is a talented young man but it was a bit loud for us so after a quick dinner from adjoining Cajun Dave’s we wandered across the street to 157 Lounge, an interesting little martini bar.  With $5 martinis, this sleek bar/lounge was just what the doctor ordered!

If you happen to be in Kent, stop by for lunch at Cajun Dave's - the food around our table was almost unanimously terrific from the corn crusted catfish nuggets I ate to the burgers to the jambalaya.  The only dissenter was the gal with the muffalatta, otherwise thumbs up all around.

No, not really. As you can tell I’ve been a bit busy to actually eat at home this week. Grabbing a quick PB&J or a bowl of leftover veg soup was the extent of kitchen duty. BUT not to totally disappoint, I’m going to include my new favorite martini – The Chai Martini.

I had this first a couple of weeks ago at the Taste of Cuyahoga Falls event from The Boulevard Tavern’s booth. I recall spending Tuesday evenings at The Boulevard (on Chestnut Blvd) ordering their fantastic wings on wing night. The drinks were nondescript but the wings were terrific and at 50 cents a piece on Tuesday, they were quite popular.

So to discover this new martini flavor from them was a real treat. After having 2 of these delicious concoctions that evening, I quickly headed over the Bootlegger’s to latch onto a bottle of Chai liqueur to mix these up at home when the need arises. I was pleased to see this martini listed on the menu at 157 Lounge and their version was wonderful as well.

I'm not sure why so many of these cocktails today are called Martini's, they really are just cocktails, but I suppose that a cocktail is just a bit more fun if sipped from a fun martini shaped glass.  In any case, here is my version – but beware that the liqueur is not available just anywhere – at least not yet. Once you own one of these interesting looking bottles, check out their website for a few recipes but be sure to experiment on your own.  This is like an Irish Cream Liqueur with a bit more pizzazz.  So wherever you might use a shot of Bailey's, try substituting this spicy concoction.

Meanwhile - here is my old biddy twist on the original martini:


1 shot chai liqueur (Voyant Chai)
1 shot white chocolate cream liqueru (Godiva)
1 shot vanilla vodka

Put into a shaker with a bit of cracked ice and shake until very cold.  Strain into a martini glass and enjoy.

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