Monday, November 8, 2010


Holy cow, snow already?  I heard tall tales of snow all over Hudson on Friday so did my best to avoid that area for the weekend.  I'm not ready to face that stuff just yet. 

Which was fine.  Although it was a fairly busy weekend, I didn't wander too far from home.  A co-workers son was married on Friday and I was invited to the wedding.  It was a really lovely wedding but those poor girls standing around after the ceremony in strappless dresses just made my bones shiver in sympathy.  The bride and groom met on-line about a year ago - he living in Norfolk and her living in Germany.  Wow, talk about a long distance relationship.  But they met, fell for each other and were married this weekend. Fairy tales have nothing on these two!  Best wishes to Scott and Nadine!

Saturday I was tapped to assist with the 2nd annual Grapes for Kid's Sake fund raiser over at Prime at Anthes' on the Lakes.  I'm so pleased that there are still a few ex-Single Volunteer's out there helping out with non-profits from time to time.  Grant, Lynn, Cathy and I went to assist with the registration and auction closeout for this event and although it didn't go off without a few bumps and bruises, the guests did their job raising funds for Big Brother and Big Sisters of Summit-Medina County.  The event got a nice write-up in the Beacon, check out the article here.

I had a chance to connect with a local wine distributor that I've seen from time to time at other wine events.  It's always good to know someone with an inside scoop on something as wonderful as wine.  The event was a wine tasting with 5 tables set up pouring a wide variety of wines.  Cathy was very partial to the sparkling sake found at one table and I fell head over heals for a Borolo.  At the end of the evening, any unopened bottles were sold off and I ended up tagging 2 Borolos to bring home.  Made in the Piedmont area by a 5th generation winemaker, Pio Cesare, these are $66 bottles that I paid $15 each for.  I generally never pay over $30 for a bottle of wine since there are plenty of terrific ones to be found at that price point, but in this case, this was a good deal for a great wine.  These I will save for a special occassion.


Newly renovated
Roe Green Center at 
Kent State School of
Theatre and Dance

Sunday afternoon I had tickets for Kent State Theater's production of Learner and Loewe's Brigadoon.  Having only seen this story on television of the 1954 version with Gene Kelly, Cid Charisse and Van Johnson, I was curious to see how it was done on stage.  Brigadoon is the story of a mysterious village in the Scottish highlands that appears for only one day every hundred years, though to the villagers, the passing of each century seems no longer than one night. Learner and Loewe wrote some wonderful music including "I'll Go Home With Bonnie Jean", "The Heather On The Hill", and "Almost Like Being in Love".
For someone like myself who grew up watching most of these types of shows on television where there are location shots and lots of special effects available, it's always interesting to finally see a stage performance, even if it's local theater and not "New York" productions. 

As usual, I was very impressed with both the production and the actors.  I recognized plenty of faces on stage from performances at Porthouse and Coach House over the past couple of years.  The singing, as usual, was wonderful, the dancing was terrific and the orchestra did a fantastic job throughout.  Once again, I am amazed at the amount of local talent we have here in the area. My hat is off to one and all. 

This was far superb to the play we saw last month, 'Cloud 9'.  Aside from the performers, this play had nothing to offer except someplace to sit for 90 minutes.  Since Brigadoon was a great experience, I'm looking forward to 'Grease' coming in February.  I've already seen the lineup for the upcoming season for Porthouse in summer 2011 and am looking forward to season tickets once again.

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