Sunday, August 29, 2010


I sat at lunch one day this past week with a co-worker who lives in Jackson Township.  We were sitting at luncheon following a groundbreaking for my company's newest project and since everyone at the table really didn't know each other, I've found that if you begin a conversation asking about favorite local eating places, people will begin chatting fairly freely.

The strategy certainly worked well for Scott and while the rest of us ate lunch, Scott gave us some great ideas for new restaurants in that area to try.  Among them was a place called Danny Boy.  Although their website touts them as being a "Frank Sinatra style" eatery with food items named for various members and hangers on of the legendary Rat Pack, the place is really a pizza joint.  Bev, Nancy and I decided to try the place out on Friday and were surprised at the number of people crowded in waiting to be seated. We asked one guy how long he'd been waiting and he joked "three days now" - but he had a smile on his face, so we figured even if it really had been that long, it might be worth it.  They do not take reservations so it's first come first seated at this bustling place. 

We managed to beg, borrow and steal a few chairs on the outside patio and a drink from the bar and settled in to watch the crowd for a little over an hour until we were seated in the dining room.  The food that wandered passed us on the way to the lucky diners who'd arrived before us looked terrific.  Oversized sandwiches, puffy bread sticks and pizzas of all sizes and toppings wound their way past us and believe me, it wasn't an easy choice once we were actually seated at our booth with menues in front of us. 

Nancy ordered the Bada Bing Buffalo Chips which turned out to be a HUGE platter of kettle cooked potato chips covered with hot sauce, blue cheese and pizza cheese and baked for a bit to melt that pizza cheese.   Let's see now.....potato chips (one of My favorite things, cheese and more cheese melted on top....YUM!

Bev and I both ordered "appetizer" pizzas.  Do not let the name fool you, these pizzas are plenty big enough to eat as an entire meal and then some.  These thin crust pizzas were topped with just the right amount of ingredients.  Bev's Peter's pizza has fresh pizza cheese, basil, sliced tomatoes and parmesan cheese.  My Joey's pizza was topped with 3 cheeses, small bits of chicken, broccoli and bacon and topped with a fresh basil ranch dressing. 

To top it off, Bev also ordered a small side salad that came with those big puffy bread sticks we'd seen floating past us earlier.  Even with all the pizza we were consuming, the bread sticks were a great addition to the meal. 

My suggestion is that unless you've got 3 hours to spend (like we did) to get a good pizza or two, try this place out on a weeknight when the crowds might not be so big. 

I'm not sure I can see the real connection to Frankie and the Rat Pack, but they've got a good thing going here at Danny Boy's.  It's a definate come back place on my list.

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