Saturday, August 28, 2010


During the summer I find it very difficult to want to be in the kitchen cooking much and definately not baking.  Unfortunately, my sweet tooth doesn't care about the temperature outside and I still crave cakes or cookies or candy or....pie! 

A neighbor told me several months ago about Gardner Pie Company located not far from my home but it was still cool weather and all manner of baked goods were still flowing from my own oven, so a pie made by strangers didn't exactly appeal.  This past week my craving for sweets and a random afternoon off work led me to check out Gardner Pie. 

Gardner has been baking pies in the Akron area since 1945.  They have a solid base of commercial and retail customers and only sell to the general public from their outlet store located at 191 Logan Parkway, just off of Main Street in south Akron.

My first time into the outlet was a daunting experience.  The Pie Board listing all the various pie flavors available was really, really long!  Fruit pies, cream pies, vegetable pies, cheesecake and brownies were all listed with fillings from apple to cherry lime chipotle.  The young folks working the counter were friendly and helpful and there was a steady stream of customers carrying out boxes of pies.  I managed to finally choose a Chocolate Cream pie to take home - and a Sweet Potato Crunch pie to take to the ADMC office to share. 

The chcoclate pie is pretty good and Chris said the sweet potato pie was also tasty.  My only negative comment is that the crust is most certianly not as good as I'd make at home and not nearly brown enough to evoke that nice, sweet crunch achieved from a bit longer stay in an oven.  However, in a pinch where a last minute pie is the solution to a sweet craving, these pies are a very good substitute. 

You can visit Gardner Monday thru Friday, 8am-5pm and Saturday mornings 8am-noon.  Call them to see if your favorite pie flavor is available at 330-245-2033 or visit them online at  Make sure you check them out for their holiday specials but in the meantime you might give the Cherry Lime Chipotle or the Pina Colada pies a try, they do sound pretty good.  You may see me back there one of these weekends, at least until the weather breaks enough to turn the oven back on.

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