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PRE-GARDEN POST May 17, 2010
Oh gosh. Somehow I got it into my head that I'd like to try some vegetable gardening this year. But of course the issue is that I haven't got a proper yard for that sort of thing. One thought lead to another over the course of a week or so and I was discussing it with Cathy while we were at the Herb Farm on Saturday and "POOF" we became farmers.   See....THIS is how I manage to get myself overextended into things.  Not that it's a bad thing to get involved in, just new and different.  The good part about this is that I'll be learning a lot of very good things about growing my own food plus hopefully meet some really nice people along the way.

My herbs ready to be planted

I've located a semi-local plot in the Springfield Township Community Garden and they rent out the units so I signed up last week. Jan, my herb lady, knows the guy running the co-op (Jerry Salisbury) and she was excited that we were trying this out and offered all kinds of advice (plus of course she sells the plants we will use in the garden). So I'm kinda excited about it, but of course it will be a lot of work - and not so close to home. The spots aren't really large, but it should be big enough to produce enough produce for me and Cathy if we can agree on what to plant.

I go to sleep every night now trying to channel my Uncle Don and Grandpa Ralph - both great farmers in their day. Maybe I have a little of their blood in my veins. Grandpa passed away at the ripe age of 92 in 1992 and up until he was in his 80's tended a garden that kept most of the family in fresh vegetables for years.  Grandma canned and froze excess produce for their use all winter long and I can still remember trudging out to the little barn and digging through the straw to pull out potatoes for dinner when I visited. 

Don't these two just look like farmers!

Grandma Dessie was in leg braces and walked with crutches for as long as I can recall, and in her later years was confined to a wheelchair, but neither managed to prevent her from doing the annual "putting up" of vegetables as they came out of the garden by the bushel.  Of course us grandkids were always around to shell peas, string beans and cut corn off the cobs.  If I close my eyes I can still hear her calling to me to go out to the garden and get some fresh onions and lettuce for salad or head to the root cellar to pick a quart jar of beans off the shelf. 

Grandma Dessie still got around fine and prepared meals for the family with foods they grew themselves.  I miss her dearly.  I do believe that I've inherited the "biscuit" gene from her, passed down from generation to generation.  She handed it down to my Mom, who's handed it down to me! 

Anyway, all of this flits through my brain as I ponder what all to plant in our garden this summer.  I'll try to share some of Grandma Dessie's recipes with you here as well as follow along as our garden grows.  I'll be chatting with some of the other gardeners and the folks who are helping us as we go.  Jan Becker has promised to continue offering advice which I will try to accurately transcribe.  Jerry Salisbury will be around to help with the garden and some other folks we have yet to meet.  We'll document as we roll along.  Wish us luck and offer up comments if you'd like. 

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