Saturday, May 29, 2010


Some folks already have their plots planted by the time we arrived on Saturday morning and we can see the evidence of people working the soil.  However, there have been a snag or two plus a great idea from Jan Becker.  Read this note from Jerry:  the City of Akron was to have the meter hooked up this week. As of 12:30 this afternoon it had not been done.

Several people have planted and their plants look like they could use a little water. Bruce Killian is taking his farm truck with a "water cube" in the back, to the garden. It holds ~275 gallons of water. There will be a hose on the cube and you can use it to fill buckets to water your plants. It's not a perfect solution, but it will do until Akron makes our hook-up.

Another issue has also come up, that should be addressed by the group. Jan Becker is closing her greenhouse early this year. She is willing to donate a significant number of tomato plants at this time and other plants (mostly peppers) later next month. If the group is willing to help, I'll get a large number of plants and HELP with the planting/tending/watering to grow produce for the Community Center and local food banks.

Jerry cannot possibly do this without help from the group. Please consider lending some extra time to make this a reality to save both the greenhouse plants as well as provide some free food to local charity. 

Day 1 in the Garden found Cathy and I in unknown territory already. The ground's been tilled - was that enough? Did we need to break the ground up more? Did we even have the tools to do this with? How will the water get to the garden? Do we need to fence in our area to keep out the local critters? If so, how?

Too many questions so we'll just have to rely on our fellow gardeners to guide us along. Jerry and Bruce Killian managed to get our garden plots rolled and numbered. There is a pile of (more-or-less) composed horse manure at the garden left with the instructions of  "It is there for all of us to use. Take a little and leave some for others. The same goes for the wood chips. Use them to cover our walkways." The manure was provided courtesy of Dean Young, Bruce Killian, and Rick Justice. The wood chips were provided by Woodland Mulch. Already, the community is chipping in to help us out. If you get a chance to visit and buy from any companies helping us - please do so.

Becker's Herb Farm is our second great community contributor. Jan is donating plants to each of the gardeners along with her gardening wisdom. All of the tomato, pepper, kale and chard plants in our little patch came from her.

Today we got the first unit of our plot turned, amended, covered and planted with tomatoes.  A lot of this was all hit and miss for us as we went along but here's hoping that now it well be easier to move onto the next 2 areas.  Since this was the first time the ground was tilled, it had a lot of rocks and clumps to get out of the way.  As a certified old biddy - emphasis on the old - this was pretty hard work for a first timer.  3 hours later I was hot, sweaty, tired and hungry.  The exciting parts of this are that it IS good exercise and I'm already looking forward to tomatoes in a couple of months.  I found a book on making fresh mozzarella cheese and so I cannot wait until we can make some fantastic cheese, tomato and basil salads, pizzas, paninis, martinis.....ok only kidding on the martinis, but don't put it past me to figure out how to do something like this! 

OK, now it's nap time.  A couple of asprin for sore arms and then back down a little later to spread mulch on the tomato unit.  It doesn't look so great now but the mulch should cover it all and make it pretty!

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