Friday, April 9, 2010


Thursday night was Yappy Hour again down at the Barley House in Akron. As usual the place was bustling with activity – lots of UA students out for a drink and dinner - but overall a nice mix of people. It was nice to see so many that came down in support of One of a Kind Pets since the Yappy Hour is their monthly fund raiser. When this started several months ago, there were only 2-3 of us there, last night I counted 14 people affiliated with OOAKPR and those were just the ones I saw! Thanks goes out again to the manager of the Barley House for helping out, this is always a profitable evening for the rescue.

I’ve said all along that you could probably top a pizza with just about anything and I think that the Barley House kitchen folks have been testing that theory. Last nights special was called a Po’boy Pizza so I expected it would be topped with fried shrimp or some other traditional “Po’boy” seafood, but it turned out to be a wonderful concoction of bbq shredded pork, cole slaw and cheddar cheese – and it was pretty awesome.

Pizza – Tartines – Crustini - Open Faced Sandwiches – it’s all about good toppings on good bread and the combinations are endless.


Friday night found Bev, Delores and myself out in Kent at the Riverside Wine Bar. It was too cold to sit outside on their lovely deck, but we all crammed inside to listen to the jazz sounds of Stan Miller. Bev is a big fan of this man and she introduced us to him. He's got a great sound and an easy retro style. He sings and plays the sax and it was well worth the trip out to hear.


No....not the old TV show....Happy Days Visitors Center in the CVNP. Saturday night found a handful of us out at the Center listening to a band from Austin Texas called Belleview Outfit. Their music is a mix of hot-saucy honky-tonk, indie pop, Celtic pop and country. We were all surprised at the energy from all of the youngsters in the group - they were unique and entertaining. And since the weather is finally turning nice, it was nice enough to have a little picnic on the grounds before the concert and I'm really looking forward to doing a lot more of this in the coming months.

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