Friday, February 26, 2010


Yes, we've been snowed again. For all of my friends and family who live in the south, this has been a bit of a tough winter up here. Be happy you're somewhere less snowy.

So, I'm not gonna whine anymore about the weather because I'm now deciding that there has to be ways to still enjoy myself if I can at least get the car out of the driveway. Today I took a couple of co-workers to The Chowder House in Cuyahoga Falls for lunch. I haven't been here since it was Jimmy's Cafe but I've heard good things about the new menu and as long as they hadn't changed the cuty-pie atmosphere it had to be good.

And I was right. Although they have tamed down the decor a bit, it still has most of it's charm from the artwork of Jimmy Van Hoose who did almost all of it himself. The menu has been expanded a bit and the fancy coffees and sodas are gone. The coffee house vibe is also gone, but it's still fine and cozy. Although they said they are usually crowded on Fridays, it was slow when we showed up - possibly due to the crummy weather outside.

Pat ordered the Chicken Sandwich and reported it delicious. Rebecca had the seafood Tacos (lobster and crab) and also gave both thumbs up. I waivered between the meatball and the pot roast sandwich and although I ordered the meatball, somehow got the Pot Roast anyhow. The guy behind me gets the Pot Roast all the time and said it was great, but it was a bit dry for my taste. Great flavor in the meat, but the addition of a little beef broth would have done wonders for the sammy. Oh well. I still enjoyed myself and aside from the snarky remark by the waitress that mixed up my order, it was a pretty nice lunch. She did comp my sandwich and that goes a long way to making up for the mixup.

I think a Sunday brunch trip here would be great too - the menu looks fantastic. Check it out and make sure you make it here soon.

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