Monday, February 1, 2010


Under the heading of “it’s so silly it must be true because you just can’t make this stuff up”, the United States has FINALLY dedicated a national day of recognition to little ol’ me. Monday, February 1st is “Spunky Old Broads Day” so I will be celebrating appropriately. I’m not quite sure what I’ll be doing, but I’ll be doing it with attitude!

Of course it is also a special day for the rest of you and I’ll expect to see everyone appropriately attired. Monday is “Working Naked Day”, a day no doubt suggested by the aforementioned spunky old broads for our own amusement.

It’s fun to browse through the list of recognition days and you can’t help but wonder who it was that lobbied Congress to set these things in motion. Did a bunch of naked people from nudist colonies across the US storm into DC with that as their agenda? Hmm. I totally get the Spunky Old Broads day, heck, no politician could stand against even a small group of us when we set our minds to something.

February 5th is a day I can definately get behind – it’s National Nutella Day. Mmmmm – I love this stuff! Why we never had this in the house when I was a kid is beyond me. I only discovered it a year or so ago. This chocolate hazelnut spread makes lots of fun things to eat. My recent favorite is a panini made with nutella and bananas that I’ve named in honor of Elvis (for reasons that will become apparent). Here is the recipe:


1 small ciabatta roll
1 Tbls Nutella
6 thin slices of banana
1 Tbls peanut butter

Take a thin slice of top crust off of the ciabatta roll and then slice the roll in half horizontally. Discard the top crust. (I slice the top off at the suggestion of a great little panini cookbook I discovered called “Simple Italian Sandwiches” authored by Jennifer & Jason Denton & Katheryn Kellinger. If you expose some of the bread you’ll get a nicer toasted exterior)

Open the roll and on one side of the bread, spread the Nutella. On the other half spread the peanut butter and then top with the banana slices. Close the sandwich up and it should stick together well.

Drizzle olive oil or butter on the outside of the roll. Using a panani press or grill with press, cook the sandwich until the outside is toasted and the insides begin to melt.

Elvis was known for his peanut butter and banana sandwiches and they are certainly very good if you don't happen to have any Nutella in your pantry. The addition of the chocolate spread takes this humdrum filling to a new height and with the addition of a little heat, compliments of the panini press, this sandwich will take you straight to the moon!

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