Friday, January 22, 2010


This week was my friend Bev's birthday and we celebrated with her by visiting Mario's International Spa up in Aurora. They run Thursday evening specials and for $25 you get your choice of manicure/hand massage, pedicure/foot massage, neck/shoulder massage or facial/hair style and they include some champagne and cheese afterward for your lingering pleasure.
Nancy and Laura had pedicures, Bev got the manicure and I chose the neck massage. MMMMmmmmm. Aside from the long wait due to some scheduling mixups, we enjoyed our mini-spa treatments and spent some time lounging in front of the fireplace with our glasses of champagne. I've never had a massage before but after about 30 seconds I was relaxed and comfy in my little room with my face down in one of those donut things. After about 10 minutes I wasn't too sure what all the fuss was over massage, but then she started in on the deeper tissues and I turned to silly putty. I might have even drooled a bit :) Hope they change that donut covering!

After our "treatments" we wandered over to the Cabin and had a chat with the chefs and decided to stay for dinner. Their wood fired pizza oven was burning red and I was temped by the pizzas but the chef had been pretty proud of his handmade butternut squash ravioli and he promised he could easily put some browned butter on it if I wished (and who wouldn't?) so that was my dinner. Nancy and Laura ordered Kobe Beef Burgers that looked tremendous and Bev had the wedge salad and lobster bisque that she proclaimed fantastic.

Our meals were wonderful and we were captivated by the setting. We negotiated a table in the corner of the room with windows around us looking out at a little courtyard filled with twinkling white and red lights. The place is still decorated for the holidays so the room had tufts of cotton "snow" and "icicles" hanging from everything. It reminded me of the little inn from White Christmas set in Vermont. Very charming.

I'm not sure if the massages would be worth the trip back up to Mario's but the food and location for dinner will be on my "let's go back" list for sure.

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