Thursday, January 7, 2010


If you’re ever downtown and have an urge for something sweet, or maybe just need someone to put a smile on your face, drop into the Krispy Kreme store at the corner of Maple and Exchange.

Every time a customer walks in, they hand you a sweet, warm, gooey, glazed donut fresh from the glazing bath. DARN THEM! And they are all so cheerful when they do it you cannot help but smile – even before you head into the office first thing on a cold, dreary morning. These folks are so consistently cheerful I’m beginning to wonder if they’re all in a sugar rush or if there just might be something magic in the air around that donut shop that makes the world a better place. Even the guy spreading salt in the parking lot gave a cheerful wave as I trudged to and from my car.

This morning I stopped in to get donuts for a lunch meeting dessert and they practically forced that glazed donut on me even though I’m trying so hard to be a better eater. Even though I chanted “my smoothie is in the car, my smoothie is in the car, my smoothie is in the car” it was to no avail, she simply packed that hot donut into a little bag and gave it to me anyway. HELP! I had to put it into the trunk of the car to keep from eating it!

When I finally got to work that little donut was still warm and cozy in it’s little bag when I placed it safely on a coworkers desk for him to eat instead. Yea! I won this round!

And the smoothie is tasty – but it just isn’t the same as a hot glazed donut.

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