Saturday, November 28, 2009


With all the cooking I do, turkeys are definately outside my normal poultry range. Roasting the whole bird is something I've only done now maybe three times - ever. So each time it's like the first. Thursday was no exception. I was nervous about cooking this because it was the sole reason I wanted to have dinner at my house this year. Everything went according to plan even as far as after dinner until I went to "pick" my bird clean for storing. Imagine my surprise when I reached in and pulled out a THIRD packet of stuff hiding inside that dumb bird. I'd pulled out the neck and gizzards to save for Lynn and pulled out the gravy packet (which, btw made the grossest tasting gravy that went dirctly to the trash) so I had no idea there would be a THIRD packet hiding in there. I'm just happy no one else discovered this at the dinner table. Ha! Definately I turned out to be a rookie when it comes to turkeys.

Aside from the turkey, dinner was pretty good and it's always good to spend time wth friends. Now that my family is pretty much gone friends are even more important and it's heartwarming to have them around. Thank you Lynn, Grant and Bill for spending your Thanksgiving with me! I love you guys!

Friday Bev, Nancy, Betty Jo and I headed out to Wadsworth to a wine tasting at the Galaxy. There were about 70 wines to taste and a great opportunity to try out some $65-70 wines that I wouldn't be buying on my own. My favorite by far was a great chardonnAy/pinot noir blend by Flowers. Deep red with a sweet ripe aroma this wine was fruit forward. At $65 it's not likely to show up in my wine rack soon. The value of the event (for me) was the Chateau Paviel de Luze originating from the Margaux region of France. This was a bold Bordeaux with a decent price point at $26. The event was great for getting to try a wide range of wines. Bev is excellent at choosing foods to pair and the kitchen provided some great foils to the wines on the tables including a really luscious chocolate-pistachio pate that did wonderful things to the bordeaux.

Poor foster kitty, Peppermint, went to kitty heaven today. She had been experiencing symptoms of what looked to me like lockjaw. She was unable to open her mouth to eat, drink or groom for a little more than a week or so. When it didn't appear to be getting better, I called her owners sister to take her to the vet and they discovered a brain tumor. They decided that the best thing was to put her down before it got worse.
I'm very sad, she was a great cat and was good company for me for the past couple of months. Although she wasn't with me for long I will miss her terribly. Georjette said I was the "queen of love them and leave them" when it came to the OOAKPR puppies I had - seems I still have a very soft spot for cats. Bye bye Peppermint - I will miss you!

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