Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hey, did you know today is National Hot Dog Day? I have to admit that I absolutely love hot dogs. I love the squishy kind that could be made of anything from pig lips to chicken feet and the snappy kind that are pure kosher beef. Toasted up in the oven to a crispy crackle and put on a bun with a little brown mustard and relish or straight out of the fridge eaten raw…I LOVE hot dogs!

Bill and I stood in line at the Akron Aeros Stadium food stand last weekend and I asked him what he wanted to eat and the correct answer was….a jumbo hot dog of course! Yum! Somehow baseball games were made for hot dogs…or the other way ‘round. I’ve been to the stadium plenty of times and in the loge we order up some pretty good food like bbq pork or chicken and although it’s always nice to be treated to that during an outing, the ballpark experience is just not the same without at least one hot dog.

So this got me thinking today about what the oddest thing we’ve done with hot dogs and I can remember my Mom making this sandwich for us on weekends when I was growing up. It’s sort of a cross between a hot dog, a BLT and an egg sandwich. She called it a western sandwich and I have no idea where the concept came from. However they were really tasty and so I’ve decided to share the recipe with you all. Enjoy!


Makes 2

4 slices whole wheat bread, slightly toasted
3 eggs, lightly beaten
quarter of a green pepper, diced small
quarter of a medium onion, diced small
Salt and pepper to taste
1 hot dog, diced small to medium
Lettuce leaves
Thinly sliced tomato

In a medium hot skillet, heat some olive oil and sauté the pepper and onion until cooked through, adding a bit of salt and pepper to season. Add the hot dog and cook until warmed and browned. Pour the beaten eggs over the ingredients in the skillet and cook as for scrambled eggs.

Put the egg mixture on 2 pieces of the toast, top with lettuce and tomato. Spread mayo on the remaining pieces of toast and top the sandwiches.

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