Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wobbly weekend.....

Since this blog-thing is still new to me, I’ll just begin by plunging right in. Let’s talk a bit about the weekend. My Mother (76) and Great Aunt (86) were both visiting with me for the weekend. Mom lives in Cape Coral and is visiting me for several weeks. Aunt Oretta lives in St. Pete and is visiting also for a few weeks. My luck was to have both of them staying with me for a couple of nights this past weekend.

How do you keep elderly visitors occupied you might ask. Well, as it turns out, it wasn’t that hard. Both of them are blessed with poor short term memories so really we had one conversation several times before I tired of it and finally moved on to another topic or two. It was mentioned several times by Oretta that she really likes to see live plays. She remembers going to EJ Thomas to see plays when she lived here and really enjoyed them. So I checked on the Summit County CVB calendar pages and found that Coach House was presenting “Not Now, Darling”.

We piled in the car and drove over for the Sunday matinee performance and was pleasantly surprised that the place was packed! In fact, there were no seats for us initially. We decided to wait until performance time and luckily there were some extra seats scattered in the audience that we managed to snag. And I’m very happy that we did! The play was very funny and the audience was howling. If you’re a fan of British Comedy humor, this would be right up your alley. Here is a link to the review from the ABJ, they tell the story very well. Bad news is that this is the final week of performances for this show and (I think) for the Coach House season.

Good news is that both Mom and Aunt Oretta enjoyed the show and we managed to spend a very pleasant afternoon together.

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