Monday, June 29, 2009

Fund Raising Weekend

Wow! What a week it's been preparing for the One of a Kind Pet Rescue and Clinic Annual Tea. We've been working on the planning of this event for several months and it came off beautifully on Saturday. The setting was Sarah's Vineyard out near Blossom Music Center and we had a Country theme this year with a live band and sassyfrass tea! Although we worked our butts off, it was a very successful event and the guests all seemed to really enjoy the afternoon. The committee that I worked with on this are a great bunch of ladies and they are all so devoted to the animals at the rescue. It's really good to work with people who truly believe in what they're doing.

Leading up to the event my kitchen was a frenzy of cooking and baking. Although we started out a few years ago as a traditional "tea" with tea sandwiches and tea, when we decided to go country this year we branched out a bit and we also served little pulled pork open faced sandwiches. Yum! So needless to say my house smelled like bbq pork for the couple of days leading up to tea time. And scones. And cupcakes. And cookies. But it was all for a great cause and it's always my pleasure to cook and bake for something bigger than myself.

The band - Conestoga - was great too. If you get a chance to catch them play you'll not regret it. They played hits from the current radio country playlist and it sounded like the real thing. They were also really nice guys - which sometimes isn't so with bands.
One of our little sidelines at the event was a "photo op" of a roll in the hay with a friend. Check out this cute little puppy...and yes, that's a martini glass! Right up my alley. This little fella was a hit at the event but so far no one has taken him home.
So me and my little buddy here are raising our glass to the people at OOAKPR! You do great work and I'm proud to be involved with you all.

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